2018-19 Living Mission: Connecting the Dots

Lesson 1 - Connecting the Dots

LESSON PURPOSE: To learn how NMI is positioning itself for the next 100 years, united in vision, engaged in purposeful action, and global in its impact to see every person, in every place, come to know Jesus.

Lesson 2 - The Great Migration

LESSON PURPOSE: This lesson takes a look at life on the move from rural to urban settings, and the challenge of the cities that await. A brief study on the city, considering the megacities of the world regions where the Church of the Nazarene is seeking to step into the over-crowded, church-empty environments of the city. This is a fresh look at how prayer and fasting, giving, and sending/going impacts this work, and a call to join in this daunting enterprise.

Lesson 3 - The Call Is for All

LESSON PURPOSE: To recognize that God invites all Christians to participate in His mission around the world and He is eager to help His followers discover the part He has prepared for them to initiate or continue.

Lesson 4 - Alabaster: An All-in Building Plan

LESSON PURPOSE: To review how Alabaster giving shares creative ways to engage all ages in this effective and far-reaching opportunity.

Lesson 5 - Whatever Happened to Medical Missions?

LESSON PURPOSE: To review the history of Nazarene medical missions and to understand how medical missions has changed over time and where pressing needs still exist.

Lesson 6 - Building Connections: Work & Witness

LESSON PURPOSE: To help participants understand how Work & Witness encourages the church where the teams serve, and how it can have a great impact in the sending churches. Ultimately, Work & Witness is much more than block and mortar buildings. It is building God's kingdom on the foundation of Jesus Christ (I Corinthians 3:5-13) through personal involvement in missions.

Lesson 7 - Prayer: A Bridge Around the World

LESSON PURPOSE: To review the power of prayer through international stories, inspire creative ways to engage more in prayer for missions, and increase our commitment to pray in specific ways and times for God's mission in the world.

Lesson 8 - One Hundred Percent Is More than a Number

LESSON PURPOSE: To explore what World Evangelism Fund giving would look like if every person gave something and all gifts were celebrated.

Lesson 9 - Keeping Missions in Your Rhythm

LESSON PURPOSE: To explore options for the monthly emphases of Nazarene Missions International, and to understand the importance of keeping missions in your rhythm as a local church.

Lesson 10 - Child Sponsorship--Where Are They Now?

LESSON PURPOSE: To learn about the Child Sponsorship Program—its vision and mission, its potential relational and transformational impact, the reasons why we should care and get involved, and the way people can sponsor children.

Lesson 11 - Making Missions Personal Through Links

LESSON PURPOSE: To inspire the development of authentic relationships between Nazarene missionaries and congregations through the Links ministry.

Lesson 12 - This Generation

LESSON PURPOSE: To hear the Great Commission as an initiative for "this generation" and understand it to mean everyone on this planet at any given time so that we will participate more fully in its mandate.

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